Lopp warns people not to take opinions on social media too literally

Jameson Lopp, co-founder and CTO of Casa, considers himself a Bitcoin Monetary Maximalist and a curious being towards altcoins, so in a post on August 30, he warned the public not to take online interactions on cryptos too literally.

Although Lopp sees no other options on the market that can compete with Bitcoin’s sound and secure money proposition, he also believes that other cryptocurrencies can bring values that Bitcoin can’t bring, such as digitizing assets and non-financial functionality.

In fact, Lopp has been advising a blockchain project built on Ethereum. He sees the project’s potential, bringing cryptocurrency and security token opportunities to institutional and retail investors. However, he also warns there is no guarantee in the company to become profitable. He stressed that:

“While INX token holders are guaranteed to receive a portion of cumulative net positive cash flow (also known as “profit”) there is of course no guarantee that INX Limited will become profitable. People on social media tend to generate controversy in order to gain clout. Anyone considering investment should do their own research!”

The same thing goes for Lopp’s other comments on other blockchain projects or cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. He stated that whatever he put out there in social media is not for any investment recommendation. Lopp, and other Bitcoin maximalists, were accused of shilling INX. INX has been cleared by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Lopp pointed out that he believes Bitcoin is the best monetary asset in the world; however, he is still open to using other cryptocurrency platforms when the need or desire arises. He suggested giving a new “label” to people who hold such beliefs as “Bitcoin Pragmatist,” in the hope that there will be less criticism from the public of taking what he says too literally.

“It doesn’t matter what kind of Bitcoiner you are. You can be a maximalist, a pragmatist, a toximalist, a shitcoiner, or a multi coiner. I’m no stranger to criticism, attacks, and even threats on social media. I have no interest in engaging in self censorship simply to meet purity tests of specific subsets of my followers. I suggest taking online interactions you see with a grain of salt.”

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